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      地  址:東莞市萬江區都會廣場會景峰2209室
      電  話:0769-22189645
      傳  真:0769-22703539
      手  機:13509225113
      郵  箱:dglengte@dglengte.com
      Q Q   : 845069777


           LT lighting technology Ltd is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, we specialize in more than 8 years, including linear LED cold store lighting LED lighting, LED lamp, T5&T8 LED tubes of cold storage cold storage for commercial lighting and LED under-Cabinet lights.

          LTP special not only manufacture affordable products, but also providing products of high quality and lasting value of environmental protection and energy-saving environmental protection coupled with, which will further reduce the cost to consumers.

          Quality and production management professional, standard, unanimous praise from our customers and product quality has won the CCC, CE, and RoHS: 2008 certificate of guarantee, nearly 200 patents, and won the 2006 GE Edison Award for outstanding lighting design competition project in the world.

          Innovation in design and technology, we also put a lot of energy in customer service. Management theory in our continuous efforts and customer-oriented concept, we will try to work with our customer, mutual benefit, create a new win-win situation.

      Please feel free to contact us, feel free to visit our factory! Ling

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